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कतारमा हुने नेपालिहरुलाई खुसिको खबर !! कतार सरकारको यस्तो तयारि भिडियो

Nepali migrant workers are compelled to serve as forced labour mostly due to the Kafala system under which an employer has complete control over the worker who cannot change his or her job if they desire so. Women constitute less than five percent of the 3.6 million Nepali migrants who were recorded during the period from the fiscal year 2006/7 to 2015/16 and they are often exploited. There are reports of many women being abused sexually and rape is also common particularly in the Gulf countries. The rights of the migrant female Nepali workers should be protected so that they are not exploited in any manner. There should be strict monitoring of the various manpower agencies recruiting women to work particularly in the Gulf countries where they are most vulnerable. The major destinations of Nepali migrants in the Gulf countries are Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. About 1,200 Nepalese go for foreign employment every day and the number of women migrating to work as housemaids is on the rise.  

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